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What you should know before using Google services for real estate

Posted on March 15, 2015  in Science & Technology


When you are designing your web based marketing strategy for your real estate firm, it is only natural that you will use Google services. It is invaluable as far as generating leads for the real estate business is concerned. Google remains the most used search engine for any real estate related searches. It also records the highest numbers of unique visitors to websites related to real estate. In view of this huge influence exercised by Google, you should maximize the use of Google services for real estate business.

Here are some important ways in which you can use Google services:

  • Google AdWords refer to the pay per click advertisements that appear at the top of the search result page. It is an excellent way of generating leads. It is also a highly economic option because you pay only when a prospective customer clicks on your advertisement. You get real time feedback and if you feel that the campaign is not working very well, you can halt it at any time.
  • Submit your free real estate listings to Google. This will result in increase of leads and traffic to your website through the natural search results in Google. Moreover, Google Maps can prove to be invaluable at this time. Your listings are displayed on Google Maps. These are not only visually attractive but also make it easy for your prospective clients to locate you.
  • You can use the Google Maps API to create interactive maps in your website. Your visitors can actually see where the property is located. This will make their search experience easy and quick and so they will come back for more to you. You can also use this interactive tool to show the location of your office.
  • Google Earth Pro allows you to show a view of your property from space. Drive the crowd of sophisticated real estate buyers to your company by using this latest tool from Google. It also makes it easy to research not only the property but what the neighborhood looks like with regards to parks, recreational area, business listings and the school district.
  • You can submit your listing to Google Places. This is the most popular forum for people who are searching to buy or sell real estate. The great advantage is that the customers are already there. This service allows you to come to the notice of the customers who are actively searching for you.
  • The selling process can be even faster and more efficient with Google Sketchup Pro. This service allows you to present 3D sketch of the property that you are showing. Your prospective customers can have a virtual look at the property before even approaching you. They can virtually explore the home and the community.
  • Finally, Gmail and Google apps allow you to communicate freely and quickly making business transactions easier.

So, include all the above services in your marketing campaign and make sure to use Google services for real estate. To buy google plus ones, visit this website