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Hotel café review

Posted on May 13, 2016  in Entertainment


Los Angeles is considered as the home for many worlds’ greatest performers. In fact, this is very much true as far as music is considered. Many international and local musicians call Los Angeles as a great city home. The place itself has played a vital role in the musical development. A number of genres have spread across various parts of the city. You can get access to a number of music systems like hip-hop music, jazz, rock music and other such. By considering all these reasons, it can be said that Los Angeles is well known as music king city.

In Los Angeles, live music venues are available in all shapes and sizes. One such venue is Hotel Cafe. If you are not having any sort of plans for the upcoming weekend, then why don’t you go to Hotel cafe? This is one of the favorite spots for many people, especially for Friday night adventure. Once you visit the place, definitely you will be impressed by the fresh talents performing here.

When you walk in through the venue, you can go through the painting which is an upscale vibe to the place. When you walk into the venue, the place is just awesome and incredible and also has multiple bars so that you will never have to wait not more than 5 minutes for a drink. Every visitor to the place will definitely like the outdoor patio space and its ambience.


The place is situated in central Hollywood, in between the sunset and Hollywood. The location has an awesome cool vibe and moreover you will get everything you need from a local band venue.

Unlike other such music venues in Hollywood, even parking is a pain here as well. As there is no particular parking at the venue, you are supposed to park somewhere else by paying the amount.

The inside portion of the concert is pretty much small and you can see a line outside the door, yet it moves very quickly. Another thing is, the door of Hotel Cafe is not situated on the main street, and it’s around the back region. The people at the entrance of the door are very nice and are accommodating as well.

There is a lobby for the bar area wherein the people will hang out with their drinks and restrooms are situated there itself. The immediate response you get is quite trendy as well as cozy. Once the show starts, you can enjoy the music with your drinks.

Other such facilities

Food and beverages are also another such important consideration in Hotel cafe. Drinks help the people to loosen up their stress at the place. In fact, it also adds to the ambience as well as the overall experience for everyone in the place. You can also search for VIP areas in case if you are hosting any event.

All these features in Hotel Cafe live music venue give a better experience and also help you to have a great live music experience.

All in all, you will be definitely glad to visit the place.